SMS (es), Specks of dust and forces of nature

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“Yeah, because you don’t try to be warm. You just be warm mister! Oh, you got long way to go”
“Well, time and space designed me so…”
“Now don’t blame time ok! It’s you who prefers to be this way. There are other options but you are scared mister.”
“The root cause of everything is time and space… We are just specks of dust playing to their tunes. I was composed this way… Hopefully, they might recompose me…”
“Ok then, speck of dust, wait for the gust of wind to blow you away or drops of rain to wash you down. This isn’t life. Nope! “
“Yeah, the games time and space, in the form of natural forces, play with us… We are mere subjects to them…”

“I thought you were that person who could face life. You proved me wrong. You are so much like anyone of us but with a veil” “Ok, mere subject alias speck of dust, how about living life like an ordinary human being? Come on! Oh you are too much!”
“Yeah, I am living life like any normal human being. I take heat when I come across one. I bear the cold, when time demands it. We can only do so much to make the forces work for us…”
“Before my balance fails me or I become you, just remember one thing, the speck that alights- occupies a space and leaves it’s mark, goodnight!”
“Well, I enjoyed this chat… and yeah, this dust ‘s light is not completely out… have a good night!”
“Whatever… take dinner and sleep well. It’s kind of funny that a speck of dust too has hunger, sleeps and thirsts- a 21st century dust huh? Hehe…”
“I am impressed. You do realize that there is a thin, a very thin line between metaphors and normal words.”
“But I am so confused with you. Still can’t make out whether you are with your smart mind games or just being genuine.”
“Maybe, you will figure it out in the next few generations. All the best…”
“Sadly, this generation is all I got. I’m not a speck that gets to travel. I’m just a flower already wilting. Happy traveling!”


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Times of boredom…

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There are those, who look for themselves and others in times of boredom…

And they are those, who forget their friends in times of merry-making

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We are the way we are…

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The sun may rise in the east and set, everyday in the west. People may see and participate in the full discourses of the day and snore noisily at night. We may frightfully claim that the wintry Thimphu weather is unfriendly, and numbingly cold at  our very nose.

But, the Thimphu populace will still relish in the very weather they loathe at nights, and smoke vapors at their mouth; curse and eat great amounts of beetle nuts and spit the town red; drink gallons of liquor and discharge all the three meals from wrong orifices; smoke smuggled cigarettes and fume ringlets into the air challenging, at large degrees, the very existence of chimneys.

There will be a day when the sun changes it’s direction that winters in Thimphu are warm and the people, warmer.

But for now, we are, the way we are…

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For The Love of Fine Tradition of Doma-Eating

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It was an autumn’s Tuesday afternoon, dry and brown. The leaves had started falling in great numbers. The chirping birds had moved south. And the graduates of 2005 were moving their base to lunch, served outside the building, where the Graduate Orientation Program was being held.

Our half hero, half loser noticed a creature, one among many, most unlikely and charming in the crowd: She was compared, but nothing that could be described by this pen, can define her beauty; On such a dry day, our hero had fallen in love for the first time, and there was not a soul undisturbed- everyone was hungry and bored from the graduate oriental program in progress.

In a way of feeling great love, he blushed silently to those degrees, that the effect of doma he was eating took charge of his pale counter without any delay, and he succumbed to one of those common diseases termed, love sickness. He ate little at lunch, but talked at great lengths about the beauty he had then discovered, previously. One could easily have mistaken him for a crazy little orator of love, if he had not limited his talks to few of his closest friends.

Love is one such thing, a real thing, indeed!

And, in so little a time, many things had happened- a thousand leaves had fallen down, hundreds of birds had moved south, 670 graduates had eaten their lunch, and our singular hero had discovered, blushed and fallen in love…not to forget that peculiar effect of doma, which changed the whole course of his life.

And so, a man’s life moves on, truly red and in love. The afternoon session didn’t interest him much. His eyes kept drifting away, locating that beauty in ‘sky blue’ tego, who had carelessly worn a neck-length black hair. “What a lovely hair”, was all he could say, when he had entered a state, half defined by words and felt truly by fools.

Like a true dreamer, he dozed off, and he had almost attained that role of a modern Bhutanese film actor, where he sings such melodramatic songs to the girl, in a way of wooing her, then had the minister’s anger reached his ear, piercingly! He was darting such fingers at him, that he nearly lost a sense or two, which took alarmingly long duration for him to regain his form in love.

Thankfully the session was called off for afternoon tea, by the organizers.

But, how could our hero just sit there, as if, nothing had happened? He pulled himself to a good corner without tea, and enjoyed the full view of the living, walking goddess, and as luck would have it, she just passed by him. All his strength gave in, his knees gone weak; he maneuvered the most hapless effort in his whole life to stay up. He pressed at the walls a great deal, and a million years flew by, yet everything moved slow-motion… just his knees felt the age, the tego of sky-blue disappeared among the crowd and finally his first ordeal in love was over.

A man knows exactly what to do in such situations: Getting a phone number was not hard, but it took a team of few to finally get the right one. He wasted no time in investing a great amount in the technology-enabled services, called her up every evening, finally made appointments, and met her, often. The beauty finally agreed to be his girl on one condition: if he stopped eating doma, which, by the way, our hero, was an avid lover of!

Conditions, and in love, are too taxing and tricky.

But our hero, being one, immediately tried giving up doma, the age old tradition of the Bhutanese. First, he cut down his daily consumption to a few tens. Then, it decreased to a few khamtos.

But, over time, his efforts also decreased to a mere trail: he couldn’t stop any further from taking five khamtos of doma, everyday.

His very first love was in question… but he couldn’t stop eating doma, being a passionate doma-eater he was!

Time swiftly passed by, and with it, his dilemma grew- a man in the making…

Two years had since passed with his indecision, and he kept on reasoning to himself that there were more elements to love than quitting on doma…

One day, our hero, ran into his first love; hand in hand with a man driving an expensive land-cruiser, who was also glorifying the fine tradition of doma-eating.

Time can really change the taste of girl in men… but a doma-eating man prevails!

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(Nothing is permanent, not even broken hearts!)


Date: 6th October 2007

Venue: Lovely restaurant, Thimphu


Present, in alphabetical order:

  1. Chabilal Bastola, ICT Officer, DIT (Single)

  2. Deewakar Chhetri, IN Engineer, BMobile (Single)

  3. Heruka Zangpo, Manager, CMTD, BPC (Taken)

  4. Karma Wangchuk, Engineer, DCA (Devdas)

  5. Singay Dorji, Chief Electrical Engineer, HTMTI (Single)

  6. Sonam Phuntsho, ICT Officer, DIT (Single)

  7. Sonam Tshering, Trainee Engineer, Druk Air (Engaged)

  8. Tenzin Dendup, ICT Officer, DIT (Totally Single)



  1. Hari Prasad Kafley, MBA Student

  2. Sangay Dema, Engineer, Bhutan Telecom

  3. Tsheten Dorji, Lecturer, CST, RUB

  4. Yam Bahadur Chhetri, Engineer, Bangalore



  1. Dechen Yangzom

  2. Kesang Norden Deker

  3. Dr Kezang Dorji

  4. Tashi


Binary (On-Off) Guests:

  1. Jigme Lhendup

  2. Tseten

  3. Tshering Wangchuk


Special Appearance:

  1. Dr Phub

  2. Dr Kelex


There was no rain this time, at least when the group started gathering. But later into the evening, the rain of flowers started, indicating Heaven and Earth were in perfect union, for the graduates of Durgapur 2005 and 2006 had gathered.


And, in so wet an evening, the room where the graduates had gathered was so dry that everyone could feel the crappiness of it on their lips that someone was screamingly found hissing, “Satan damn-it! Lip guards!” in a way of searching for an antidote in complete serpent-ness (what ever that may mean!). On further investigation (by a team of three), the dryness was tracked down to have emanated from, and administered by the Sofa-men (so named by the virtue of their ass-on-sofa settlement), Sonam Senior and Karma Junior, brutally known for their never ending slapstick dry talks, named Dry Gadpus, in short.


By then, the group had gained momentum, keeping in mind one of those famous Newtonian laws which is forgotten for good, saving me from quoting it here.


Like the previous gathering of that memorable 14th September, the innumerable bottles of “Fosters’ and “Hits” had already made their presence, only difference lying in that, no one had growled down to those suggestions. Only when the suggestions for “Spy Juice” cropped up, then were the real presences of the two lovely ladies felt, sweeping the faces of the crowned lusers (dictionary spelling “losers”) warm and leaving them pink for a few hours that followed. Heruka and Singay were saved of that pink hue, since the ladies came in their capacities, either as their dates or guests. So had the evening progressed thus, shy but equally entertaining!


After an hour of the gathering, Sonam Senior attempted to deliver a welcome speech, but so hopeless it turned out that he was found delivering the speech in quotas. And these quotas were executed every next hour from the first. In between these quotas, Heruka found in his managerial wisdom to exercise his speech-delivering prowess since he had a shaming experience back at his office in the audience of his Managing Director, where his thoughts bounced back to its basics, and the poor Manager was found mumbling those famous tooth-in-mouth lines “I believe…..” followed by that welling effect of the tears in the eyes, since his mind was observing emptiness! In line to this, Singay was picked up by the group to deliver a “Vote of Thanks” speech to reiterate that of Heruka’s, since he was absent when Heruka delivered his speech. Poor Singay couldn’t figure out head or tail of the situation, and was duly forgiven for his ignorance.


In an attempt to add meaning to the entertainment, Heruka discovered a game which, he thought, would make the grave of the inventor shake, and the heart of the players’ crack, which indeed did, for someone! With its simplistic rules, “Truth and Dare” was the game of the evening.


Truth or Dare?” pleaded Sonam Junior with Deewakar. “Truth” blurted out Deewakar and he was fired with questions! “How many pondies did you watch so far” was the bullet of the minute. The man under fire mumbled “One Thousand…” the accuracy to which was further drilled and doubted, and the next shot was fired in the likes of “Which one is the best so far?” “Recommend me a good pondi flick” and so on and so like. Soon Sonam Junior was found obnoxious with his questions. Finally when Deewakar heaved a sigh of blatant relief, he had chosen the next victim for the game.


Truth or Dare?” and Karma dryly chose to tell some truth. “Tell us the full-proof truth of Devdassic journey you are embarking on these days” “Tell us the name of this beauty you so gave into becoming a Devdas” “Is this why you jumped into poetic hibernation and musing?” so on and so forth…


Karma, full name Karma Wangchuk, or infamously known as Zala to the greater public, had traveled some 50+ odd kilometers from Paro to attend this get-together with Chindey Sonam Tshering (referred to as Sonam Junior) and their guest Tashi. Tashi was favorably chosen as their guest by the virtue of his owning a car, which made transportation way easy than they fathomed. Realities apart, Karma got down to giving answers to the truthful questions which sounded to the ears of the gathering as follows:


The name of the beauty is Yangchen, and it was few months back that this beauty screwed up my sanity. If it was not for her getting married with someone else, things would have been much easier; I would have tried my zala-best to earn the name of a serial rejected! As the way was clearly paved for me to stand as the candidacy for the next abbot, filling in for a post of a Devdas, I happily drank my days to desperation. Yes poems, the curator of a broken heart, are the only good things that is left of a man, who is deserted with marked rejections!


And the man was happily seen covering his face, out of respect for the seat of the abbot.




Truth” demanded Sonam Senior. “Why did you go to Taba yesterday?” “Tell us this story between you and Dawa, in detail!”, and he was found hunting for cover!


Sonam Senior had to take a few paces back in his memory lane to gain complete control of the matters at hand. Before that, he answered the simplest of questions:


I went to Taba because I think I have a girl friend there”, and the gathering bought it, albeit the loser-nature of this specimen.


Regarding the dear Dawa question, he told stories that had its roots in the year 2004. He informed the gathering of that fateful year, of challenges he had undertaken, where he had dared dear Dawa that he would make her fall in love with him, by the end of December 2004 failing to manifest which, would accrue him in buying her a giant teddy bear as a bet.


Falling in love never happened, so didn’t the buying of a giant teddy. Time moved on, even Sonam couldn’t stop it! He proposed. She rejected. The trend carried on. Even dear Dawa couldn’t stop him from proposing. It flowed like his blood, these proposals!

The failure nature of this man had been long proven in his Engineering days with a first semester Physics paper, PH101, where he had attempted, in his acts of clearing it, four trudging times! So this new failure in love didn’t come as a surprise, but it was more of a testimony to his success in serial failing. This man was sworn in, in the hard disks and processors of the gathering, as a sack of failures and, that boy, Tenzin respected him in the form of a root Guru!


This Tenzin!


Singay had decided to vote for “Truth” keeping in mind the political developments in the country. But the questions that followed were far removed from it (Politics) than he had expected! “How did you feel when Sangay Dema left you?” “How did you feel when Sangay got married?” and suchlike questions.


So many HOWTO questions and the man felt as if a few quintals of bad memories had been dropped on his back. The weight was too much for the man to take that, he had to release it one after another.


He truly confessed that he went through a bad patch in his life when she left him, but it was all over now. And by the time Sangay got married, he had become insensitive towards the feelings he had for her once.


Life is a Brute!


Sonam Junior, who also had traveled those 50+ odd kilometers from Paro on Tashi’s Alto horse to attend the gathering for the first time, was all chindey. No community of society was residing on his head, which is commonly known to humankind as “hair”.


In the run-through of the “Truth” questions, the man was drunkenly heard answering “I am not gay, but I am gay!” whatever that meant, the ladies present didn’t seem too impressed! And people doubted if he had cleared the top floor in observing his hopelessness in the matters of love, but to the utter dismay of the gathering, he said he was engaged to be married. What ever the reasons may be, the light really reflected strongly on his shaved head. In his final attempts to impress the ladies’ present, he was seen throwing two fingers at the ladies and shouting miserably “I am not gay, but I am gay!” Such intoxications of drinks can really waste a man, and he was really stoned to misery!




Dr Kezang rode on “Truth”. Sensitizing the gathering on Aids, he educated the group, that it was caused due to three infamous acts of humankind: Drugs through syringe penetration, rectal and normal sex. Although, normal sex contributed to only 10%, he refrained the gathering from indulging in any rectal acts since it was the surest way of getting Aids.


Who would have guessed our rectums were already inflicted with Aids!


Aids is rectal, people!


And Sonam Junior left the room excusing himself by saying he needed to pee like a horse!


Somewhere between the gathering, as soon as Jigme and Tsheten had entered, they had gulped down a bottle of beer and disappeared without any trace! People wondered if they really had made their presence but, they were saved from more investigation by the empty bottle that they had left back.


The choice “Truth” followed questions like “Tenzin, if you were to die tomorrow, what Cartoon movie would you watch?” “What Character in the movie would you be if situation so demanded?”


And that boy Tenzin so wanted to watch that animated movie “Shrek” before he died, and he wanted to be a Princess in the movie, if fate had so favored, since he liked that ogre of a Shrek, so much! He even flipped his eyelids so daintily, and my Frog(!), people nearly mistook him for a Princess!


Truth” and Norden was inquired about the welfare of her heart. And she confirmed the gathering that it was fine by and by. One saw her eyes twinkle, and Tenzin’s long said words metamorphosed something close to : Nothing is permanent, not even broken hearts!


Truth” “Truth” “Truth”. Everyone was in the truth that it seemed the whole world had truly conspired against the liars! As an administrator of the game, Heruka found in his wits to promote people take up more daring acts, and a round of “Dare” demands were implemented.


Heruka dared, and people demanded of him actions!


Heruka, kindly drain that big glass of beer” and down went the beer along his beer pipe. He turned a pitch darker in complexion after that.


Heruka, kindly turn to the lovely lady sitting beside you and propose your true feelings” and left-turned Heruka, and blurted out “I can do this!” and said “I really love you” focusing his eyes on the ceiling which nearly bore a hole there, followed by a change in his complexion from pitch dark to a mixture of bluish hue. Too much for the “Truth and Dare” game, it would seem, but the man already had disposals of glass of beer in his contributing stomach, and a pretty face by his side!




In a string of daring acts, Karma was found demanded of a poem recital by the group, portrayal of true Devdas nature, a song which he succeeded in pulling out a line from his blasted memories and he finally ended up proposing the beauty residing by Heruka’s side, Norden.


Next was Sonam Junior in line, and he made such noises from his beer fed mouth and his light shining head, he ended up having to marriage propose to the pretty lady residing by Tenzin’s side, Dechen. Sonam’s act of proposing someone to marriage was so unique that, no one remembered to translate it into a photograph. He walked like a stiff stick to the pretty face in the waiting, placed his hands on her shoulders, squeezed them, and snorted “Will you marry me?” and walked back more drunk to his seat.


Norden was made to propose Karma due to his incessant requests of requiting the proposal thus called on some moments previously. She blessed him like a dove, and Karma ran out of his skins with joy! For a few moments, he forgot he was the serially rejected subject of our times.


Tashi was duly ushered to propose miss pretty parked beside Tenzin to exercise his daring acts! He did, and he really had dared!


Now, it was Deewakar yet again. He was pressed so hard to dare sing a song. It took him almost ages before he sang “I am a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world. Imagination; Life is your creation…..” And the song faded away. He had forgotten rest of the lyrics. Boy! Who would have imagined Deewakar in the Barbie world!? Not me, at least!


We dare you show us your muscles!” and Chabilal Bastola, that man of a muscle shifted his place lest people failed to see his hairy bulk! He was really at his acts and people were starting to appreciate the bulk of those muscles when someone suddenly announced, “Eating time!” Unfortunately… he had to wrap up the show and fall in line for dinner. In fact, the whole gathering had to!


Dinner was self-served, and people like Sonam Senior and Chabilal Muscle found in complete favor to exercise their freedom that they were seen helping themselves to plenty and having dinner of a lifetime!


After dinner, that boy Tenzin so wanted to continue with the “Truth and Dare” game, but time had run short. It was Deewakar’s medicine time, and way past baby Chabilal’s bedtime. So they left home and rest of the gang proceeded to party the night away!


The gathering split into three groups, since there were only three horses at disposal, and headed towards Buzz Club. As they passed through Hongkong Market, car-eating dogs chased them like hell. The car nearly jumped out of its skin, and Dr Kezang was in due time to bring it back to form. It still gives the group goose bumps when they think about it but, luckily, no damage had been done to the cars… We promise!


Once they reached the Buzz Club, they had to negotiate hard with a lady there, who was strict to the bones! In the midst of it, it left members of the group wondering who had paid the entry fees. Some of the group members were pretty sure it wasn’t God who had paid, for sure.


God doesn’t party!


Once inside the discotheque, than were the group swept up in it endless summer. They encountered a hundred inscrutable characters and phenomena. It was as though an entire sea of butterflies had suddenly taken off into the air to hover in a shimmering cloud above the black beetles of the male sex. And this was too much for boy Tenzin to take in, for it was his first time; he had to gulp in great amounts of saliva to capture his monkey mind back to form.


Once he regained form, he encountered waists the like of which he had not seen even in his dreams: slender, narrow waits no thicker the neck of a bottle, on beholding which he respectfully stepped aside lest inadvertently he should jostle them with an impolite elbow; his heart was seized with timidity and fear lest a careless breath of his might snap those most exquisite work of art and nature. But he danced on, his baby steps!


Sonam Junior, Dr Kezang and a few others tried jostling the fat moths but they were being roughed up so bad, they fell back to their dancing zones. Heruka executed few of his shock dance steps to no effect, and Sonam maneuvered his age old century steps, and Singay, his R ‘n’ B steps. Everyone danced on. By the time, the gang had almost implemented “in the mind” best dance steps, the party had gotten over and they had to leave home.


And deep into the night, Tenzin was found tossing on the bed, frightfully shouting in the mind “No more Linux, only girls!”


The thought was singular, he had just entered puberty…


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(Everywhere across whatever sorrows of which our life is woven, some radiant joy will gaily flash past!)

Date:14th September 2007

Time: 7 PM-

Venue: Lovely Bar

Present, in alphabetical order:

  1. Chabilal Bastola

  2. Deewakar Chhetri

  3. Heruka Zangpo

  4. Singay Dorji

  5. Sonam Phuntsho

  6. Tenzin Dendup


  1. Nar Bahadur

  2. Sanjay Gurung

The evening of 14th September 2007 had started drizzling and the graduates of 2005, Durgapur, had slowly started gathering, one by one, with Chabilal and Deewakar having reached the venue before everyone, shortly joined by Singay, then Tenzin and Sonam. The last one to come, Heruka was late, defying all managerial sense of timing!

Nar Bahadur and Sanjay Gurung were the guests of honor.

For the ones who had reached on time, they had started the night off with a cup of tea, save for Sonam who had kick-started with a cup of coffee. Hardly had they finished drowning their cups of tea and coffee, Singay suggested to starting with the “drinking session”. So, bottles of “Hits” and “Fosters” were ushered in, glasses filled, Tenzin had to be coaxed into drinking his portion. The bottles that followed were smoothly drained, but Deewaker and Chabi were in no position to be negotiated with any form of intoxicating drinks. Instead, they took refuge in Frootis and hot water to great lengths throughout the evening. As we look back, Chabi had really wasted his muscles, shying away from strong drinks, when in fact; other members of the group were willing to take his bites, miserably!

The group started talking in earnest and as the conversations got more serious, the graduates started talking about politics and someone graciously decided he would vote for a party named PPD. The other members of the gathering had to loose a sense or two, before deciding the other guy had meant the party, DPT. Since politics was as strange a thing to this group as a sheepskin to a cow, they decided to talk something more close to their lives for the finer parts of the evening. So, the group began talking about “Management”. But people soon found out that they were equally good at management as they were with politics.

The group carried on with the night, keeping their stomachs safely placed, amidst delicacies and drinks!

In a sudden twist of events, as time itself should have projected and picked the topic, the group started talking about girl friends! Man! Who would have thought about that topic? The group figuratively bowed down before the inventor of Girl Friends! This topic, though freely discussed and, and the group having freely seen people enjoy the fruits, was undoubtedly, a nightmare to the group. Each member present was equally a loser as he was to the one sitting next to him, separated only by a glass of beer.

Finally, the graduates of 2005 decided to bring down the monster, pin down the WHYs and HOWTOs to availing a girl friend, through a step-wise procedure. They got down to framing the procedures immediately, with haste. The points following this paragraph is the report of the true accounts of that was discussed and decided during the night of that fateful 14th September:

1A. WHY Sonam doesn’t get Girl Friends:

  1. Goes after quality girls

  2. Daddy Figure

  3. Bad memories of a famed dirty prick

  4. Arrogant

  5. Spiritual Connection

1B. Sonam’s recommended HOWTO:

  1. Make a threshold (Don’t try for MoWHS/BoB…)

  2. Be more romantic

  3. Don’t be a dirty prick

  4. Don’t be arrogant

  5. Go for the peanut rather than finding spiritual connection

Consolidated Report on Sonam

The group pointed out and argued that Sonam was proposing to girls way past his caliber. He was recommended to devising a threshold whereby, he could adopt simple girls as his girlfriends.

The other pressing flaw the group found in him and why he failed was the very fact in him having no romantic expressions. So, as a quick solution, he was mildly forced to practice the popular expressions of romance in front of the group. After several facial expressions he tried, one qualified to be termed romantic and was immediately translated into a photograph for the record and general consumption that Sonam was capable of romance.

Rest of the points were treated personal and recommended accordingly without much explanations and are as reflected above under clauses 3, 4 and 5 of recommendations 1B.

2A. WHY Chabilal doesn’t get a Girl Friend:

  1. Uses strength

  2. Shows Muscles in the public

  3. Shy with lovolical approach

  4. No changes in feet

  5. Egoistic

2B. Chabilal’s recommended HOWTO:

  1. Be more romantic

  2. Shed Muscles

  • No public demonstrations

  • Wear Full sleeve shirts

  1. Act stupid indefinitely

  2. Wear Expensive shoes

  3. Don’t be egoistic

  • Take some girl out by the end of September 2007, failing to do so will result in him treating the whole group to a dinner

Consolidated Report on Chabilal

Chabilal was treated as a special case on muscles. Everything revolved round muscles with this man. So the group had choices but to recommend, placing special emphasis, on his muscle management. A general consensus was met, whereby Chabi had to strictly adhere to the recommendations of acute muscle shredding and to refrain from any public demonstrations of his proudly possessions, in-short, muscles!

Although, this man of muscles was found very fond of muscular displays, he was found equally poor in his displays and approach to love. The group wisely recommended him to gear up in spheres of love and be more romantic, which involved such purchases as expensive shoes and in the lower realms of expenses, acting stupid!

The muscle man was also advised to be less egoistic, the ways around which to play, was left to the man himself.

3A. WHY Deewakar doesn’t get a Girl Friend:

  1. Mummy’s boy

  2. Attacking person

  3. Dependency/ No personal initiative

  4. Too many purchase of pondis

  5. So choosy

3B. Deewakar’s recommended HOWTO:

  1. Be a girl’s boy, especially at night–> Deadline: End of September

  2. Leave and let live

  3. Don’t hire services to find a girl friend

  4. Don’t go to Siliguri

  5. Be less choosy

Consolidated Report on Deewakar

This man was found way into third degree corrosion, and the group had little choice than to refrain him against too many pondi purchases.

Leave and let live, was a motto, the group thought he should be wearing around his neck for the better benefit of himself and others alike in the spheres of love. The man had, under his sleeve, damages done to his fellow-mates, who were generous enough to be dining together with him during the get-together.

But, these very fellow-mates grievingly felt for him and recommended him not to get the services of others in the courtship of love, as the middleman partook of the future he was anxiously trying to live in.

He was also advised not to visit Siliguri as an anti-corrosion measure, and was advised not to be choosy and to be a girl’s man by the end of September 2007 failing to do which, would result in his throwing a gracious party to the group, and were expecting!

4A. WHY Tenzin doesn’t get a Girl Friend:

  1. Shy

  2. Too many Cartoonic fantasies

  3. Resersations in his approach. Quote “Hang aley ni, nanga charo ghita call ra philu mala wai…sob…sob…”

  4. Poor initiatives in the hemispheres of leadership qualities

  5. Too clever for girls

4B. Tenzin’s recommended HOWTO:

  1. Break the ice/eggs! Labda!!

  2. Watch less cartoons and more pondies!

  3. Call girls frequently. Get a landline connection

  4. Be a leader in proposing to girls/Don’t be a chicken

  5. Act stupid with girls/ Be a donkey in shrek!

Consolidated Report on Tenzin

Tenzin was crowned the Cartoon man, and was refrained from speaking out any Cartoon related talks. The group even went to the extent of controlling his Cartoonic fantasies and thoughts! And boy! Was it hard!

It escaped the group’s thought, so did his, on why he was shy in his approach and initiatives when he was trying towards the ultimate truth which involved losing something that was dear, only, to our female counterparts. All the more, he was advised to act stupid in front of them indefinitely, if he was to lose something of his, and become a man in the process.

In his laconic protests against the group naming him a reserved guy in his approach, the group gave a vivid account of him not calling the girls, where the girls were dying, even for a miss call from him. So he was advised to get a landline connection for the same purpose.

And thus, it was asserted, he would turn up in the next get-together with a girl, arisen from the landline connection.

5A. WHY Heruka doesn’t get a Girl Friend:

  1. Remoteness of location

  2. Past “bitter” experience

  3. Concentrating too much on bikes than girls

  4. Begs too much

  5. Commitment problems

5B. Heruka’s recommended HOWTO:

  1. Urbanize his location/Don’t hire T-shirts to Sonam

  2. Forget the past, enjoy the present and think for the future

  3. Propose KC seriously rather than self starting bikes—> Dateline: End of September

  4. Don’t beg, be a real man!

  5. Be committed

Consolidated Report on Heruka

This man was remembered for his daring acts of transporting bottles of beer from Hotel Sam and taking unto himself the task of drowning them, all in the name of forgetting that bitter experience. The beer bottles are gone, so are the contents, but something which should have gone with the purchase and drinking of beer, still haunts him. That lovely face, those intimate times still renders him a bad experience. So much for the bottles of beer!

And the group’s wise solution to this was a one-liner: Forget the “bitter” past!

Other prominent aspects of this man was his begger nature, which came easily to him and made commitment a problem to him.

The group found in their wisdom that Heruka shall propose KC, the ultimate begging matter he should woe. Failing to get her by the end of September would result in him throwing a grand dinner to the group, and were expecting!

6A: WHY Singay doesn’t get a Girl Friend:

  1. Daddy figure (Dominating)

  2. Past “bitter” experience

  3. Got style, but poor finishing

  4. Poor Resource Management

  5. Friend to everyone is a friend to none. Generalist

6B. Singay’s recommended HOWTO:

  1. Be submissive

  • Be stupid indefinitely

  • Don’t rooster up your girlfriend’s time

  1. Forget the past/ Be brave/Plunge into the future/Learn some arithmetics to be more calculative

  2. Give smart finishing touches

  3. Starting from 18th, no lifts to guys, only girls!

  4. Focus on individuals in the field of Lovology

Consolidated Report on Singay

Singay, as the group argued to call him a father-figure, the term had to be changed into something understood by everyone. Dominating. And he was advised not to prepare a rooster for his forth-becoming girlfriends, if he got any along his future!

This man was found to be having all the resources that takes to getting a girlfriend, a car, all the styles needed to woe a girl which sadly, had only worked against himself due to his unyielding finishing touches.

As these things were spelt out loud, the man was seen flashing back into the early 2000s, labors being borne by his poor cycle, and numerous transportations to and fro on it, yet with a jaded past he sipped his glass of beer. This all summed up to a “bitter” experience, and the Pondi-man was remembered on this day for his harming actions.

But the great group’s advise was a one-liner “Forget the past/Be brave/Plunge into the future/Learn some arithmetics to be more calculative”. And the man bought it!

After HOWTOs

Throughout the framing of the HOWTOs, Sonam’s “Thank Yous” were smeared all over the conversations with such un-easing effect to the ears that, people had to stop nuisansing and continue with their discussions. This was a drill Tenzin picked up immediately after two hours.

After framing the HOWTOs, the group succumbed to such hunger, which was cured only through intake of food in plenty, termed wisely as “dinner” by some wise-one.

After dinner it was discussed and decided that:

  1. There will be a get-together at the end of each month

  2. During the get-together, individuals are “required” to come with their girlfriends

And there was more drinking.

Usually after dinner, people liked going home, and thus, some of the group members didn’t even try deviating from that popular thought. As the population of the get-together started thinning out, Heruka, Singay and Sonam decided to go and party. Deep into the night, the infamous trio were seen Bongku-dancing at Space 34 amidst so many pretty faces!



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May 30, 2008 at 11:47 am (Uncategorized)

A letter of placement at the then Regional Engineering College, Durgapur, came through the office of the Royal Civil Service Commission in September, 2001. It was quite thrilling to learn about the confirmation of placement after having waited for a long time. It was learnt that nine of us were placed at the same Regional College. The prospect of reaping unfathomable experience over the next four years in the college, learning newer knowledge and skills, amongst new friends and environment kept us fully occupied during our journey towards the college.

The very first trip onward the reputed college at Durgapur via Kolkota without proper itinerary, guide and schedule was not so pleasant, though memories would languish itself in funny recollection of our destitutions. Moreover, none of us had traveled to the city before. The endless hours of waiting at the Howrah train station was more menacing than being cheated by the taxi drivers.

Having waited for more than five hours, we left Howrah for Durgapur, a new home to the new scholars and the whole new nine of us. The change of transportation mode from bus to train said it all! Life in India would not be the same as in Bhutan.

Night was falling like dark shroud over the unfamiliar and unfriendly landscape as we reached Durgapur train station. We reached the college clothed in strange darkness. It was not the darkness that petrified us. Darkness is so trivial at times than having no place to bask our tiredness after the much needed rest. At long length, we succeeded in requesting the warden to adjust some rooms for us, since it was not possible to allot any room (officially!) on the simple ground that we were not admitted to the college (formally!).

So, the eight future Bhutanese engineers were literally dumped into a seemingly tiny room that would not even accommodate the three of us under normal circumstances. Soon enough, the alien Indian heat started taking charge, making us sweat like guinea pigs! Everything passed on, we still sweated. Experience was taking an unusual twist.

There was a solemn feeling that the next day would usher us into our own rooms, which was not to be! Our admission was yet to be formalized. Our letters of appointment had not reached the college, which was supposed to be forwarded by the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India. Much to our bewilderment, the aspiring scholars were as good as tourists to the college until we were formally sworn into the Durgapur alma mater after three days. It took them another week to decide on allocating us rooms with creaky beds and fans that seldom worked. But, it was an experience of relief, joy, and of fulfillment in having finally formalized and officialized our admission into the college.

Food would have inspired any poet and writer to praise the taste and nourishment it provides besides the glutton to be greedy. However, the food at the deemed University did not provide delicacies worth the taste let alone the inspiration to the poets and the gluttons their greediness. None of the Bhutanese were used to mixing sweets and sugar into any of our menus, let alone tea and coffee.

As days and weeks and months and years rolled by, experience piled up in our memories, trimming our knowledge of how we know the world and how it should be known.

The heat that surrounded us, the putrid air that we breathed, the mosquitoes that we nourished, the creaky beds we slept on under the defunct fans, and the sugary food that we nourished on…brought us closer to reality, making us more humane. Every experience and difficulty that we underwent brought us closer to ourselves and to our country. Patriotism would only be experienced at its height away from home. Realization would only be drawn from suffering and endurance. Knowledge would only be acquired in times of adversity.

Indeed so, the difficulties that we faced and endured during our stay at the college have paid off well. We saw the Regional Engineering College grow with us, becoming one of the best institutes in the state of West Bengal. It was upgraded to the National Institute of Technology, a deemed university, ranked as one of the lead institutes of the state, second only to the famed and reputed Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

As we acquired newer knowledge, the Institute itself was undergoing progressive changes. With a total grant of more than 50 crores by the World Bank, new and sophisticated infrastructures that would meet the modern amenities are being developed. It is my hope that more Bhutanese would be placed in the institute, and continues producing the makers of tomorrow.


Having gained a little experience in a neighbouring country, it is my hope, wish and prayers that the quality of education of our country would not deteriorate with the new breed of scholars and intellectuals sprouting in our emerging education system. It is my hope that the future citizens of the country would gain equal or more access to quality education, whereby the future of our country must ultimately rely on.

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